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This has been going around on Twitter. I bet you've seen it.

I “stream on Twitch” but I would never call myself a “Twitch streamer”. That said, I like writing prompts so I decided to take this and answer the questions because why not?

  1. Story behind your username.
    In high school I had a crush on a girl. But I missed my chance, lessons learned, yada-yada. But I at some point I thought I had to “dress better” and “act different” if I wanted a girlfriend. But it didn't happen. When I became a senior I realized that I didn't like what I was doing and decided to be more “true” to myself. I stoped wearing polo shirts and went back to nerdy t-shirts. I had originally been “Magik82” on AOL because I liked Magic: The Gathering (this will become a theme in these answers). Also I was born in 1982. But I didn't like having a number in my online nickname. For a while I was TheTomatoKing as an homage to my childhood liking of The Muppets, particularly Fozzie Bear and corny jokes. But since I was “coming back”, I picked the word Revenant and added 9999 at the end because it felt like a “fuck you” to the people who tacked their year of birth at the end of some word. Edgy, I know. In college I started taking Japanese. I didn't like the 9999. One day I was flipping through my Japanese dictionary and saw the word 記憶, memory. I thought that went well with Revenant so RevenantKioku I became. It's followed me since. Except on reddit where I made an account on my phone, and forgot the password. So on reddit I’m erickoziol. Which is funny because I’m not that anywhere else, like on Twitter, where some Computer Science guy has that handle.
  2. Why did you start streaming?
    I recorded videos back in college for various challenges I did. I started streaming on JustinTV when I came to Japan and was even doing stuff like playing Dragon Quest 9 on my DS with my webcam pointed at it. It wasn't great. I got married, didn't do it much, except off and on when I had a day to myself. When I got divorced I needed a hobby so I started speed running and streaming. That cooled down when I got back into Magic.
  3. Favorite game to stream.
    Magic is a silly answer, but it's kind of true because I love getting advice from people. There's always so much to learn about that game.
  4. Fondest memory.
    Back when the Four Job Fiesta started, the first year I had the website I did The Run by myself and the first year we set it up at my friend Alex's apartment in the middle of fuck-nowhere Japan. I streamed for well over twenty four hours because this was before I knew much about speed running or playing FF5 not terribly. But I did it. I don't remember how many people were watching or what, but goodness, I was exhausted when I was done. But it was so much fun.
  5. Variety streamer?
    What does this mean? These days it's mostly Magic for me or whatever game I’m currently working on trying to beat.
  6. Biggest struggle you had in a game
    Again, because I play so much Magic these days that's the easy answer because the game is basically a struggle that I enjoy. But trying to get a solid run of the Famicom Final Fantasy 3 glitch run took me quite some time until I got seven minutes and was just happy to have done it.
  7. Favorite thing about streaming.
    People. I’m kind of introverted but I also grew up with my brothers pretty much always around me and while we're not the closest people, I do have a thing for just having people around when I'm doing something. So seeing someone comment while I’m playing or just chatting about bullshit while I'm playing is a blast. I live alone now (and my ex-wife always wanted me to go be by myself when I played games) that I just love having people to chat with, and streaming sometimes gives me that.
  8. Any advice to give to a new streamer?
    Don't do what I'm doing, I guess? I average under one viewer, haha.
  9. Favorite streamer to watch.
    Oh, I can't pick just one. But people like eLmaGus, puwexil, bowiethehero, dragondarch, HighSpirits, StarOfViolence, TwitchPopPop and so many more are just so inspiring to watch. I’m sure I’m missing people because I'm on a train and kind of drunk, so sorry! But I love so many of you.
  10. Do you clip yourself?
    Who else would? Haha, but seriously there are some funny moments in Magic, be it variance bad or good, that just have to be shared. I love watching these clips, so I try to share them when they happen to me.
  11. Longest stream?
    Easily the first The Run I did for the Four Job Fiesta. My mind tells me it was over twenty four hours but I can't even remember.
  12. Game that you hated streaming?
    FF12 just because I hate FF12. Which reminds me I still owe completing FF12HD from two years ago. I’m so sorry. I just hate playing it.
  13. Most frustrating thing about streaming?
    It's stupid and selfish sounding, but when there's no one watching. I know. I need to make good content if I want people to watch. I don't deserve viewers. I know. But I also just want to chat with people mostly so it kind of reinforces my loneliness at times.
  14. Most popular game?
    Easily when I do anything FF5 or Fiesta related. I wish it was Magic because that's what I like playing the most, but I’m not good enough yet at the game for that, I guess.
  15. Favorite person to stream with?
    Never have, as far as I remember. My friend Alex and I used to record videos and I’d edit them for YouTube. We tried streaming once and it was fun.
  16. How many people do you mod for?
    Is there a way to check? That said, I don't get into as many streams as I’d like to these days, so none, really.
  17. Goals?
    I just want to get good at Magic. I've loved this game since I started playing it back in 1995 or 1996 or whenever my friend bought that magazine with DOOM on the cover and it had an article about Magic. I do have a goal of playing at least 1000 games of ANT (Ad Nauseam Tendrils, a Legacy Storm deck) this year in paper and online. I have no illusions of ever making partner or making any money off of streaming.
  18. Layout?
    I need some. You an artist? Want to talk? Although Magic Arena doesn't really need one? But still, I don't like how my stream looks but I don't really have that sort of creative skill to do anything.
  19. Things you want to change?
    Part of my depression actually makes me really anxious about streaming. I don't know why. Whenever I start I like doing it. I just kind of get into that “What's the point? No one cares.” mindset. Which I know is unhealthy, but depression is hard.
  20. Least favorite thing about streaming?
    Weird software issues. I’m forever having sound issues when I switch between games or sometimes (and this has been slightly better since switching to Streamlabs OBS) settings just change and I stream for an hour before someone asks why I’m talking and there's no voice. As a Computer Science graduate, I know software ain't easy, but I also don't like fiddling with it anymore.
  21. Dropped any games?
    Pretty much all of them. I don't know if I’ll get back into speed running ever. I do like it, but I like Magic a lot more. I kind of hope to one day run into a short game that I enjoy enough to run, but most of my favorite games are long RPGs that don't exactly make for a quick run. Maniac Mansion Famicom kind of fist that bill, actually. Maybe I should get back to that.
  22. How many years have you been streaming?
    I think my first time must have been in 2008 or so? Definitely haven't been regular until after my divorce and I’m still not “regular” because I have a job and do freelance work.
  23. How many mods?
  24. Channel theme?
    Magic played poorly with the hope of getting better.
  25. Most viewed clip?
    Fleshbag Marauder, not a Standard legal card, showed up for me in Momir on Arena. The card shouldn't be in Arena, so why is it? Weird. Also notice how I wasn't talking? That explains so much, huh?
  26. Favorite platform to stream?
    Anything. I just like streaming and communities. I like people and friends.
  27. Cam?
    Yeah. I am kind of embarrassed because I hate how I look, but I think reactions are the most fun part of streaming, so capturing my own might be something I actually look back fondly on one day.
  28. Most memorable ban?
    The second year I did The Run, and actually couldn't even beat Neo ExDeath in time there was someone who kept spamming the comments on the Fiesta site and my Twitch stream. I don't know why.
  29. Who gave you the most inspiration?
    I can't pick just one. But anyone who just plays a game with a smile on their face is awesome. I haven't had as many days like that recently, but I hope to get there again.
  30. What do you want to tel your audience most?
    Whoever is that 0.75 average viewer, I love you. Seriously, though, if you ever stop by, thanks. If you ever chat, thanks. That's what I want the most. Someone to talk to.