Installing fear

I spent the afternoon getting my car looked at. They were unhelpful. Five bucks to replace the battery on my remote starter and the same song and dance about how at some point I will need somem parts to be replaced. Yes. Cool. Can we not do that? Why when I ask do I just get some nonsense about waiting. It's like I cannot convince them to let me give them money.

Which I am starting to worry I will not have more of because I haven't gotten any translation work for a while. November and December were extremely busy for me, so I have enough saved up that I am not worried except that I am always worried when I am not working.

So I listened to some podcasts and worked on cleaning up my place when I got home. I read some more on Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I decided to play in the Shadowverse Grand Prix going on. I finished a run I had started this morning and modified my deck. Then in the middle of the first game I get a blue screen on my Windows PC. First one I've had on this. There was some buzzing, but I am pretty sure it came from my headphones. Maybe just remnants from the game? I don't know.

But I do know I have to not let this stuff get to me. Because worrying will get me nowhere. Which is where I went through 2018.